Sunday, February 1, 2015

House goals 2015: Master Bedroom

My bedroom has seen some serious improvement since the day we got the place.

We repaired the plaster, removed the carpet, and sanded the floors.

Then, I moved all of my bedroom stuff into the room. I got bamboo blinds, a headboard, and some other random items. The room is kind of crowded with furniture I don't want in there (hint: the Ikea shelving unit next to my bed) because my closet/dressing room is still under construction.
(This was literally right after I moved my stuff in)

The room is slowly starting to come together.
I purchased a black bordered hotel-style duvet cover from Gilt, which I really like. I'm not crazy about those teal pillow from Pier1 that are currently on the bed. I've had them for years and used them in various places. They are super comfortable, but I don't want things matchy-matchy in this room. I'm not sure what will go in their place yet though. I do love the new faux fur mink throw that I picked up at Pier1 yesterday on sale (available here). 

The bamboo shades and bamboo storage baskets are making the room look a bit too "natural" for me, which is not quite my taste. I plan to white-wash those shades for a brighter look. I also want to get some light curtains hung once I can decide on what kind I'd like. 

Also on my list for 2015 is to paint the bedroom furniture either black or white, change out the hardware (if painted black), and add a nightstand and matching white lamps on either side. I also want to hang art.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

My raised Jenny Lind bed: A year later

A year ago, I wrote about finding an antique Jenny Lind bed and raising the headboard to a more standard headboard height of about 52 inches. The bed has been finished and in my house for over nine months.. I think it's about time to post a few pictures!

The bed turned out great and has held up exceedingly well. I am currently using it in my guest room, which is not quite decorated at the moment, but definitely serves its purpose.  

If you recall, this is how the headboard previously looked. It was too short to use a box spring, and it needed a bit of TLC.

Here is how the headboard looked during the refinishing process:

And this is it now. 

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Knobs and ends

My Ikea Hemnes furniture came with plain and standard knobs. I don't hate them but I also was not crazy about them.
So, I picked up some crystal knobs on sale at Anthropologie and swapped them out. They are on the bigger side and I am still trying to see if I like them. 

I also got some colorful knobs from Anthropologie to add to the armoire in my entryway and I really like how it looks.
I set my Lulie Wallace prints on top and it seemed to give the space some life! (P.S. I am obsessed with her art. Loveeee it).

It is nice having a few rooms in the downstairs almost done so I can just work on styling and decorating as time permits.

There are still two rooms upstairs that need complete gut jobs... and the kitchen isn't looking too hot either. Hope to get a move on with those soon!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Dressed up walls

I finally made the trip to Ikea to get some curtains and curtain rods. (Side note: NEVER go to Ikea on a Saturday if you can avoid it. Seriously. Ugh.) Anyway, I purchased the Ritva curtains at 118" length. They were $34 per pair, very reasonable! I have nine foot ceilings and wanted to be able to hang my curtains high, so the 98" ones ($24) would be just a few inches too short. I will have to eventually hem these down a bit.  

 I am very happy with the curtains and I think they really bring your eye up. I did not install them yet on the bay window because my dad and I will have to finagle some special way to hang those rods. That will hopefully happen soon, though. 

I got these baskets at Ikea (here) and really like them! I also got the Rens fur rug. Not exactly sure what I will do with it yet but for now it's hanging out in the basket. 

 I am really liking how the dining room is coming together... but it seems a little too "50 shades of grey" for me at the moment. I need a little color in the room and I want to make it a little less formal.
I also got the curtains up in the living room. The furniture in this room sits really low so I am particularly happy to have the curtains to bring your eye up to the ceiling. I feel like my house just got a pretty dress :)

I also have plans for these curtains. I want to do some sort of trim like the ones here:

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Bed time

Bed update! This is turning out to be the week of beds. My Jenny Lind is almost done and ready for me to pick it up (from my mom's house, where it is being raised and painted). 

I took a picture after the first coat of black paint. Please take note of my mom's Dexter laboratory plastic-walled painting booth. Not sure if I mentioned this before, but she runs a business refinishing furniture. Its rather convenient having her in the family :)

I also received a special huge delivery in the mail!

I ordered this headboard from Overstock to use in my bedroom. Don't worry, it only took me about 5 months to decide what kind of headboard I wanted for my bed...shape size many choices. In the end, I just made last minute decision based on a great sale and the general shape/color that I had been thinking of.  I haven't quite been able to carry the headboard up the stairs (ughh). I hate admitting how weak I am but it is just super heavy and I'm somewhat pint sized. Hope to get it upstairs and set up soon!
Updates to come!

Friday, February 28, 2014

Raising Jenny

I've seen some really cool Jenny Lind bed's popping up (both antique, refinished, and new) and knew I had to have one for my guest bedroom. Of course, for antiques, its not like you can just go make them magically appear...  Definitely not. I could not find one Jenny Lind bed anywhere near me. I also found a really great one on Land of Nod (here), but I couldn't justify spending that much money on something I could eventually find for much cheaper. 

Aren't these beds so cute?

Anyway, I searched local resale stores and Craigslist (cities near and far) for several months. FINALLY one morning I found one! The seller was in a city about 50 minutes from my house. I cancelled my night plans, and begged the seller to hold the bed for me. (I told her the bed would be going to a great loving home! I would take care of her (Jenny)! Overkill for sure but that is typical me). The seller was a nice lady herself and said this bed has been in her family forever.  Long story short, I got the bed.

 It's hard to tell from the picture of this headboard, but it sits pretty low (only 38" high). I am pretty sure that these beds were used (and are still often used) without box springs. I personally prefer HIGH beds.  This one without any changes would just be too low. My box spring/mattress combo would give me about 4 inches of headboard peeking out, which doesn't work for me! So in true form, I set out to make some changes to the bed. I drew this nifty diagram of what I wanted to do.

I also found a random headboard at the local Habitat Re-store that had side posts with the same dimensions so that could use those to extend the height of the headboard.

Then I realized that I have literally no tools or skills to complete such a project and no time to learn how. Luckily, I was able to find someone more skilled with wood and saws to help me out (I hired a handyman). The project is currently under way, and will hopefully be done soon! He spent three hours cutting the wood. He used an "S" shape cut instead of a straight across blunt cut, and the pieces are secured with wood glue and will be screwed together when that dries. 

I can't wait to post pictures of the finished product!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014


I downloaded a new app on my iPad and just wanted to share how awesome this photo looks! :) The app is called Waterlogue, and it's $2.99 for Apple devices. It looks like a real watercolor! Can't wait to play around with the app a bit. I might get a print of this one and hang it in my office at work.